6 tricks to dress sexier


Very short mini-skirts? Super low-cut shirts? Jeans adjusted to burst? No no and no. One thing is to dress sexy and another thing is to dress like a slut, right? But … How do we dress to be more sensual without falling into that of showing the body for others?

There are several ways to dress more sexy, attractive and feminine; in this article, we tell you about 5. They are styles that favor almost all women, whether they are blonde, dark, red, tall, short, thin or chubby. They provide attitude, security, and confidence to your look.



# 6 Red garments

Is there any doubt that red is the color associated with the sexy? Red is the color of love and passion. It is one of the colors that first jump to our sight and it is proven that men feel much more attracted when they see a woman wearing red: did you know?

Wear a red dress, a red shirt, a red shirt, red shoes or red coats. If you do not dare too much, try little using nail polishes, accessories or red earrings.


# 5 Formal dresses in silver

Put aside the classic black dresses or juvenile prints and go for a silver dress for the next party. This color is elegant, fine, sexy and favors our silhouette.

Combine them with shoes or wallet of the same color and accessories of neutral color, and list!



# 4 Heeled shoes

A nice pair of stilettos are super sexy because they stylize your figure, they make you look taller and as extra points, for the fact of tapping the heel, your walk will have a much more sensual movement.

If you do not dare to heels, use sandals with platforms that are also very nice and are perfect, for example, with jeans shorts.

Let’s keep seeing more sexy clothes …



# 3 Animal print print

If we talk about sexy and wild prints, I think that the animal print wins the first prize, do not you think? A sexy woman should have some animal print garment in her closet.

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Go for a muscular one, some leggings or a bag of this style. If, on the contrary, this pattern seems “too much”, add it to your look little by little, in your accessories, in your glasses or bracelets.



# 2 Lingerie

A trick that does not fail: wear sexy lingerie! As much as it is hidden under your clothes, it will make you feel much more beautiful to you, which will give you a lot of attitudes.

And what to speak that drives your partner crazy …


# 1 Sensual makeup

The makeup is a tool that we can use in a thousand ways, among them, to look more attractive and sensual, of course. What are the sexy makeup tricks?

They can be a good delineation of eyes with shadows in smokey eyes, for example, that deepen the look; powder and blush tan effect, which give your cheeks an attractive blush color and a red lipstick for a celebrity smile. Look how striking the model Cara Delevingne is in that photo!

My final advice is that you always try to plan how to dress. Nothing more frustrating than standing for hours looking at the wardrobe without knowing what to wear … In those cases, and more when we are in a hurry, we end up grabbing the first thing we find, and then we do not like how we see ourselves!

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That’s why, before each party, meeting with friends, outings or outings, plan what you would like to wear and how to produce. In this way, you will be much more secure and comfortable with what you wear. Remember that nothing is more important than our attitude to convey a sexy image


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