When does a woman need urgent sex? Here I explain 3 situations

To know if she needs urgent sex if that girl with whom you are speaking could be more than predisposed – subconsciously, that is, without her being aware that she is more than ready – you must first take into account one fundamental thing: your emotional state

If I ask you what word comes to your mind when you join the concepts “emotional state” and “woman”, you will probably get something like: unstable, bipolar, unpredictable … or similar.

For me, the word would be: changing. That’s why it’s important that you know why maybe she now needs urgent sex and … in a few days, hours or moments NOW NO! -and the consequences both of not perceiving it and of perceiving it badly.

What is the main cause of women’s mood swings?

Very simple: hormones.

The balance between men and women is very different. As a result, women suffer much more from mood alterations -status- coming to change in completely opposite ways in an almost inexplicable way. Hormones are – or at least that’s what science says – the main cause of it.

Which a fundamental role in both men and women?

Note: I am not an expert on hormones and all this information I have collected from external sources such as Wikipedia. It is possible that there is something wrong both for an error in my interpretation, as for some of the sources that I quote, as for finally science changes its opinion -as it is normal for its nature of constant improvement- therefore, take this writing as a reference to express an idea – hormonal differences that influence behavior – not as something strict.

Having said that, those are not the correct causes, it does not invalidate the evidence that the variations of the state of mind in a woman in front of a man are remarkable – always speaking from the point of view of healthy people without any pathology since that unbalanced people are in both sexes.

In man, he predominates:

  • Testosterone – very capable of emotional changes because it awakens the attitude of dominance in which the libido is included (“owning” a woman).
  • Vasopressin – its main function is to retain water from the kidneys, so its influence is much lower emotionally. Other functions that it has in different parts of the brain can cause from “fear” to relaxation to function also as an analgesic. ( + info )
  • SIM – Mülerian Inhibition Substance. Basically to prevent the development of the fallopian tubes, uterus, cévix, and parts of the vagina. No behavioral changes appear unless this substance does not function properly.

However, women predominate:

  • Estrogen – this hormone, among many other functions, directly affects a woman’s mood by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Let’s say that she is the one in charge of emotionally stimulating. ( + Info ,  + info )
  • Progesterone – this hormone also directly affects the mood by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. In contrast to estrogen, its function is to calm the excitement -among others, of course.
  • Oxytocin – this is known as ” the hormone of love ” – Do I need to continue?

Make a mental cocktail with that hormonal difference and you can start to understand many things … Am I wrong?

Why is it evident that men need sex and women “seem” not to?

To clarify, both men and women have the same types of hormones, what makes the difference are the levels in which they are represented in each organism.

Bearing this in mind, it is understood that men, having an amount of testosterone between 10 and 20 times greater than women, their feeling of “need to conquer” is much greater and, since there is not so much hormonal imbalance, this feeling it can be prolonged in time without too many fluctuations.

However, the woman will go through moments of high sexual predisposition and others of apathy or even repulsion.

That’s why it’s important to know how to read these signals to:

  1. to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way.
  2. to be able to avoid those situations where we do not have any opportunity.

Does she really need urgent sex?


What also happens is that we should not confuse their “need” with ours for two reasons:

  • The testosterone levels that I mentioned.
  • The “ease” they have to get sex. -When you know you have many options, your need levels are much more relative. Therefore do not confuse your need with your -possible- “despair”.

As a man – unless you have attributes far above average (and I do not mean what you’re thinking, hehe) – your chances of having sex with a stranger are much lower than vice versa. Therefore, when “the opportunity arises” you will hardly reject it. She can reject sex very calmly (unless you are the man of those attributes, of course).😉

Do you want me to tell you 3 powerful indicators that she needs urgent sex …? Insurance…? hahaha Okay, okay! I’m going…

3 strong indications that she needs urgent sex

# 1 Days of maximum fertility

The week of Venus is a term coined by Dr. Rebecca Booth where she explains what physical and psychological changes due to hormonal change-happen in women when they begin to ovulate.

There are theories that say that the human female, evolutionarily, hid her zeal to have a greater capacity of choice.

Others that say that the zeal appears at the moment in which the birth of the offspring coincides with the season of better conditions of climate and quantity of food -normally in summer-. In this way, when the season ends -and adversity begins to accentuate-, the breeding is either self-sufficient.

For this reason and since the human needs more than a season to fend for himself, the zeal in terms of “season” loses its meaning. Moreover, under that theory, the woman will “activate her zeal” when she finds a man who inspires her “good weather and the quantity of food”.

But of course, it can not be “perparada” 365/24/7. For this reason, nature – which is very wise – when the woman is in the best moment of fertility – the week of Venus – sends a few signals that, knowing how to interpret them, will delight the most fortunate.

Signs that give it away:

More attractive physical appearance

In that week her beauty levels tend to skyrocket. In the same way that a fruit matured at its optimum point draws our attention for its color and texture.

Entrepreneurial mood

Not only do they look more attractive, they feel that way. That feeling leads them to have a more entrepreneurial, courageous attitude and to take more risks as confidence grows in them.

More complacent and collaborative

When a woman is with a raised libido, she is predisposed to collaborate as you can see in the following experiment in the BBC documentary: The Science of Lust.

More open to physical contact

Physical contact is not only a natural and powerful form of communication but it generates closeness and … pleasure.

When a woman is sexually predisposed, it makes sense that her body asks for what she “needs”: contact.

Conversations with sexual themes

If you respond positively to sexual issues … Is it obvious, right?

Well, maybe not as much as if it is she who brings up the subject.

eye! Sometimes he will do it in a negative way to see your reaction … -normally unconsciously, they do not do it to “bad milk” -. Do not focus on words, but on emotions.

“Tasty” smell

I do not mean the perfume they use – although perfuming is also an indicator – but the pheromones that secrete so-called copulins – capable of increasing your testosterone levels by 150% in just 10 minutes. Something also, very similar again, to the metaphor of ripe fruit.

Ringtone and voice ring

Normally the timbre of a woman can be “loud” or sharp and exhaust the man. However, when he is in “those days” -or, better said, in that state- his voice is softer, slightly more serious and, therefore, more pleasant.

# 2 Prolonged Sexual Abstinence

Something that can make her find herself on a level of need – despair – similar to that of a “middle” man is that she has not had sex for too long.

It often happens that their level of demand – since they value sex on the basis of quality and not quantity – leads to long periods of “drought”.

Signs that show the absence of sex:

Low self-esteem and self-sabotage

While for a man it is more normal to feel rejected, for a woman this is devastating. Especially if it has “opened” -that is, to show predisposition-and has not obtained what I expected.

However, even if she does not get a real rejection – since she probably has not stated it directly but insinuating herself and has not really received a no – for her, that men do not insist “what is necessary” can be interpreted as not It is attractive enough and lead to a delicate emotional situation.

Forgetful or clueless

An intrinsic characteristic in women is their ability to be in many things at the same time; in having the fixation for the details. In fact, they are able to remember aspects that a man would not remember or see them again in a video. This is because they make more emotional associations while we tend to remember in the form of data … and the data is set much worse in long-term memory.

That’s why, every time you have an argument, they take out the same “garbage” over and over again – even if you’ve recognized that mistake a thousand times.

Well, sexual abstinence can affect your cognitive perceptions.

Moodiness or spite

In Spain, it is said that a person has bad fuck when he is in bad mood. And, although it seems to be unrelated to its origins, it has led to the fact that when we see a disgruntled or bad-tempered woman, let’s say that she is badly “fucked” or that she needs good sex urgently … And when the river sounds …

On the other hand, one of the most common forms of horns is revenge. In many occasions, a woman can end up having sex with you to give a lesson to her ex.

Weakness and tendency to get sick

Having sex -asanas- can not only boost the immune system but its absence can put him on the ropes.

Whether or not it is true, sex could heal that poor girl who is so sick … what if you give her a love vaccine instead of so much pharmaceutical drug? 😉

Isolation by inertia

This point is quite counterintuitive as well as controversial. Above all, because it is the version diametrically opposed to the entrepreneurial mood.

As we are not talking about the week of Venus but a situation of prolonged sexual abstinence, the principles apply differently. So much so that they can even be opposite-in fact, everything that is not normal is “abnormal.” Therefore, the total opposite to something can be a totally different reaction to the same cause. In this case: she needs urgent sex.

On this occasion, low self-esteem and her state of “perpetual” bad mood will plunge her into a spiral of negativity that leads her to isolate herself more and more from what she most needs: feeling loved. And while it is true that love is not synonymous with sex, it is a natural consequence and one of the greatest expressions of it.

So a woman who tends to exclude herself from meeting men is probably what she needs the most. Of course, the last thing she wants is to feel used, so before opening her legs we should open her heart and treat her with love. Remember that you need to feel attractive, raise your self-esteem and find something to fall in love with, something that gives meaning to your existence.

# 3 Active biological clock

We say that the biological clock is activated when a woman acquires the will to be a mother, either from abundance or from scarcity.

  • Understanding by abundance the moment in which a natural predilection is born in her to have a son without external causes,
  • and scarcity when she feels she is about to lose her ability to be a mother.

It is obvious that depending on the starting point of the activation of the biological clock, the sexual strategies of the woman will be very different.

Biological clock activated from the abundance

Already, in this state, the level of sexual necessity is not high since, although there is sexual desire, what prevails is the choice of the future father.

This way, they will take much longer before they take the “big step”. Keep in mind that we are talking about an approximate age between 25 and 30 years.

Unless they are not looking for a father for their future baby, in which case their selection will be much more basic since they will only look at your short-term attractiveness.

Biological clock activated from scarcity

In this case and due to the temporary limitation they are going through – we are talking about being close to 40 – they will not have so much “patience” to choose from and will go to the point of exposing themselves to many more errors, since if “you want to cheat them” “You just have to tell them what they want to hear.

A pity to reach this point of “need” where the woman is so exposed because, on many occasions, or scares the man who does not want to carry with being a father with a “first powder” or “force” man who wants / needs sex to “interpret a role” generating false expectations – temptation is what it has … it brings out the best and the worst of us.

Personally, I do not think that a sexual relationship has to force anyone to anything. It would be like if you buy a car and they tell you that if you try it you have to stay … crazy! -although it is still happening in some products …

Things you can do to boost your success

All this is good to know, but “if you do not meet the requirements of the right man”, you will witness those moments and only that … WITNESS.

In order for her to consider that her sexual need can be met by you, you will need:

Enhance your masculine traits.


It is clear that your appearance counts so that the more you can optimize it – without going through – the better. When I say “without passing” I mean that you enhance your appearance for your lifestyle, not to “like the girls more”. The latter must be a consequence, not an end.

Some things you can do:

  • Leave a thick beard or a few days.
  • Train your athletic build.
  • Project a deep look.
  • Have a calm and manly voice.
  • Etc.


What most seduces a woman is our brain. But again, do not use it just to attract women, use it to be a magnet of the abundance of everything that you are passionate about – yes, among them, women …😉

Features you must work:

  • Show confidence
  • Know to be.
  • Not be reactive
  • Generate sexual tension
  • Enjoy the moment.
  • Etc.


What am I going to say about this? We are talking about the ability to “materialize” your existence. Having a nice house, a good car, clothes that fit you well and resources to do what you want will not only make a woman feel attracted to you but it will make you feel comfortable with yourself – if what I have mentioned is what do you want-. So, again, materialize what you want to have in your life and as a consequence – not as an end – it attracts beautiful women to your life.

Things you can do to get it:

  • Be very decisive
  • Have ideas and execute them.
  • Solid social circle.
  • Etc.
  • As you can see, there are many switches that can make you “be the chosen one”. Obviously, you will not be able to work all of them. Some are basic and you will have to meet the minimum, others are dispensable and the last ones are those where you stand out by nature. It is in those where you must employ your potential.

    This means specializing and limiting your general options, but in your “niche” – in the tribe, you focus on – your success will accelerate.

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