Men confess why they love oral sex

In many male sexual fantasies, oral sex is a special guest and what they would like to be done will impress you.

It is not a secret that men love oral sex, and that a girl runs her entire body with her tongue, especially the intimate parts, is one of the things that makes them completely crazy! Although it may not seem like it, there is an infinity of positions as well as techniques to make a man reach glory thanks to oral sex.

In a survey published by Women’s Health magazine, several boys confessed how they like to have oral sex, their testimonies will impress you:

My girlfriend occasionally hums when my penis is in her mouth. It’s amazing because it gives something extra to the oral and makes it more dynamic. It’s also funny because we do yoga together and when we say “omm” at the end of the class I imagine her saying “ommm” while she does oral sex. Definitely makes yoga a little hotter! – Ray, 29 years old

“I love when my girlfriend pulls my balls right before she comes. That extra milestone makes my orgasm more intense! ‘ -Brad, 24 years old.”

“Once the girl I was dating used her tongue to press the hole in the head of my penis. They had never done it to me and I did not know it was something that could be done. The pressure felt amazing! – Andy, 26 years old”

“The best thing a girl can do, in my opinion, is to use her hands and mouth at the same time while she gives me oral sex. My ex-girlfriend was an expert in that; I almost never did one thing at a time. I ran my tongue over the top of the penis while turning the base with his hand in the opposite direction. It felt amazing because it practically doubled the feeling-Johny, 28 years old”

Woman wearing underwear, trying to seduce a man.

“Oral sex feels much better when my penis is wet; otherwise, it may start to hurt. I like it a lot when my girlfriend spits on my penis and then spreads saliva all over with her tongue. But I like it, even more, when we use some kind of flavor lubricant. He rubs it all over my penis and then everything he does feels more sensitive and the experience definitely becomes acuter. -James, 33 years old”

“One of my favorite sensations is when my girlfriend massage my butt. So when he does oral sex occasionally he puts his hands under my buttocks and massages them while my penis is in his mouth or while he licks my testicles. When this happens I feel like it is the best day in the world. It can not be better than it is. – Mike, 28 years old”


“One of the girls I went out with liked to touch while giving me oral sex. Seeing her reach orgasm made me feel more than just having her give me pleasure. The combo of watching her masturbate and touching me was almost too much for me, an overload of sensations! – Adam, 30 years old.”

“It sounds weird but one of the girls he came out with took my penis in his hands and used it to trace his head with his lips, almost as if he was wearing a lipstick. It was a curious feeling and it excited me a lot to think that I would do it again. – Zach, 25 years old.”


Ok, there’s something my girlfriend does that literally makes me lose my head almost every time. There is a point under my balls but before my anus, it is super soft and sensitive. So she lies face down and gets in there and slowly licks that piece for a while before returning to my penis. I can not contain myself, my entire body convulses. It’s so amazing. “- Tommy, 31 years old.

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