How to Have More Sex With Your Husband

Almost every married couple goes through some sort of a rut in their marriage and you and your husband are going through that right now. The two of you just aren’t having sex and when you do, it just isn’t exciting. It feels like the passion and life has been sucked out of you both and you don’t know what to do in order to get it back. All you want is to feel that connection with your spouse again. You want to feel that passion coming from him and you want to have more sex with your husband.

The easiest way to make it happen is to take control of the situation. Men love it when a woman is confident and when she goes and gets what she wants. This is the sexiest thing that you can do to a man. Let him know that you want him and then take him. Don’t be afraid to make the first move because chances are once you are on top of him, he is going to want to regain the control and this creates for all sorts of fun in the bedroom.

Another way to have more sex with your husband is to make sex a big deal. Stop pretending that sex doesn’t matter in your marriage because it obviously does. You need to have this connection with your husband or else, you are no more than two friends. This intimate bond keeps you two romantic so make it romantic each and every time. Don’t be afraid to wear some lingerie from time to time. Men are very visual creatures, which is why there are so many magazines dedicated to men. Men like to look at women, so doll yourself up and get him aroused visually.

The final tip to get your husband in the mood is to not talk to him about it. If you are unhappy with your sex life, chances are he is too and the last thing he wants to talk about is how the two of you aren’t having sex. Don’t put the blame on any one person, because it is a joint effort. The best thing to do is just to do it. If you want to have sex with your husband, then jump his bones. Chances are, he wants you to do it and he wants to know that you still find him sexually attractive. Make him feel special with touch and not with talk.

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When your sex life starts to suffer, your marriage suffers. It’s as simple as that. It’s never too late to rediscover the passion or turn things up a notch in your relationship. Find out what you can do, starting today, to completely transform the intimate relationship you have with your spouse.

Most couples struggle with intimacy at some point. They’re either both too tired, too stressed or simply not that interested anymore. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you miss the intimate moments with your spouse there is a help. Don’t waste one more minute wishing things were different in the bedroom, change it now.

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