10 “hot” messages that every man loves to receive

When we are women we tend to take for granted that the man is the one who has to carry out the conquest, who must fill us with details and gifts; we leave to him the first call or the first message of the day, we do not usually take the initiative, so it is common that we leave them careless in some occasions.

Before the idea of ​​starting with passion, that special night that you waited all week or until the sex of reconciliation, the best thing is to warm up engines, for example, send a message to them so they can take flight; if you are the one who initiates the sexy conversation , he will not only be surprised but you will also take away some pressure from always being the one to take the initiative.

This is a selection of messages that your boy will want to read to go on for a hot night …

Do not miss them!

1: I want to make pranks with you !!!

If you choose to send a message of this type, he will know immediately that you are inviting him to have a nice time, you are not telling him to go to the movies or to eat. It is a direct insinuation and will do everything in your power to be with you that night.

2: “I’m undressing to get to bathe … and I’m thinking of you.”

Hot, water, steam, nudity, the body of your girl. There is nothing that pays a man more than to imagine his partner thinking about him. If you also add: “I want you to be here”, the thing will go up in tone.

3: “Today I do not bring underwear …”

Glowing! The fact that you tell him not to wear underwear is going to turn him on as you can not imagine. Try it and you will see his answer.

4: Send him a picture of some part of your body that you know he likes … Maybe with a “I miss you”.

It is not necessary that you be explicit and show yourself naked; If you like your legs, that is the part you should photograph, if they are your hands, too, if your lips are only makeup with a color that contrasts with your skin and you will see the good response you get.

5: Ask him “How are you dressed?”

The idea is that you describe everything you have on and when it’s over, ask him what he’s wearing under his pants. That will give you a lot to imagine. Then, tell him how you are dressed, including your underwear.

6: Send him the league with erotic information

It can be an erotic chronicle or just new ideas or postures to try on sex, this will leave you thinking about you all day and you can break the routine.

7: A “dirty” message

If you are one of those who knows how to speak dirty at the time of passion, it will not cost you any work, but if you are shy, this is an excellent resource, because you will not have to say it straight, just give you the idea of ​​something muyyyyyy red-hot , he will light up immediately.

8: “I went shopping and I got something for both … Do you want me to model you?”

The idea is that you have bought very sexy lingerie that you can model for him and be the preamble of something else, but just thinking about it, your boy will blow his imagination.

9: “My bed is too big without you …”

And if you add that you had a dream in which both were protagonists and none brought clothes, the feeling will be much more pleasant for both. This technique can be applied when he is traveling, so you can make sure he thinks about you, and that on his return he will look for you.

10: Send him a compliment XXX

Get out of your comfort zone and promote it. Something super hot that will make it clear how much you want it, do not be afraid to look bold, the rich thing is that he feels that you are taking the initiative and that is the idea that excites him, besides that you do not feel shy or embarrassed in front of he. Example: “I want you to be my pillow … to hug you, drool and put you between my legs”.

Men: What other type of message do you like to receive?

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